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Olá and Welcome to Spiritual Journey in Brazil! 

“My name is Camilla Dorand. I am a licensed clinical professional counselor, a certified hypnotherapist, a life coach, an image consultant, an energy worker, and the author of Back to Me; Changing How I Feel About My Mother, My Body, and Men, a book that was written with the intention of inspiring people to become who they are meant to be. It is an honor to have you here!

Spiritual Journey in Brazil is a dream realization that started in 2017. The retreat is focused on helping people become who they are meant to be. The retreat's experiences are collaboratively designed with our Ayurvedic therapists to meet each attendee's unique needs by using a holistic Ayurvedic approach and other interventions from different lines. 

Michelle Barreto

Michelle Barreto is an Ayurvedic therapist, and completed her course in India in 2017. There she learned about medicinal plants through an Ayurvedic lens, and is currently studying pharmacology in Brazil. She has organized several retreats with Indigenous tribes Huni Kuin and Shawanawa, Dr. Ram (Ayurvedic physician), who is the director of the Amrita School of Ayurveda.

She has also participated in several other Ayurvedic retreats with Dr. Robert Svoboda and Dr. Scott Blosson, and Dr. Parthasarathy, who is the director for SDJ Ayurveda Laya SDJ in Coimbatore, India.

Has an extensive background in Ayurveda, medicinal plants, and spiritual retreats.

She been immersing herself in Ayahuasca shamanic ceremonies for the past 9 years. These Experiences - What to Expect have allowed her to expand her consciousness and her connection with herself and nature.

She has become a powerful natural healer.

She has been deepening her studies on native Brazilian’s way of life with the Huni Kuin and Yawanawa tribes.


Thadeu has been on an incredible spiritual journey since 2008. After his wife of 36 years passed away he started to search for himself again, and it was in the ruins of Machu Picchu that he met a Shaman who helped him reconnect to his soul and the Universe. Thadeu has been to many spiritual retreats around the world.

Thadeu became a Yoga Master through the Sri Auribindo Ashram Brasil. At the Inkiri Piracanga Institute he became an expert in reading people’s auras, and with Michelle’s guidance has participated in several Ayahuasca ceremonies.

What to Expect